At only 28 years old, rising Thai electronic music producer & DJ Riviere (a.k.a. your full name) has proven herself to be a go-getter, having already performed at some of the top music festivals and nightclubs within Thailand.

As with most artists, it’s easy to recall the first influences that kick-started their musical journey. Riviere’s story begins at a very young age influenced by FatBoySlim and Daft Punk.

Mesmerized by the energy of it all – the live production, music, corwds dancing in unison – Riviere went home and bought her first DJ set.

Quickly her love for DJing shifted from just a hobby to a career path.
It wasn’t long before she landed some club gigs and played at big festivals such as District Zero and Mystic Valley Festival.

Keep an eye on this rising star – 2021 will see her releasing her first song productions.