United music and nature to a magical music festival experience in a three-day event in

An all-new immersive music festival with apocalyptic-themed event placed more than 8000 attendees in a sci-fi battle with the creatures from another galaxy.

And the only way to survive is to rave!

Transforming the Show DC Mall into an electic dance utopia, the creative minds behind Dropzone Festival, EPIC Entertainment, and Mystic Valley have collaborated and produced District Zero in 2020.


Luxurious event series on selected rooftops such as the Bangkok Marriott Marquis, SO/ Bangkok and Hyatt Regency with a good selected crowd of celebrities, influencers & entrepreneurs.

A monthly event at one of Bangkok’s newest stunning location – the prestigious SIRIMAHANNOP ship at Asiatique.

Music style: Deep / Tech / Melodic House & Techno